Claybun's BiographyEdit

Seinfeld wars

Lt. Claybon is not a member, but actually an evil Sith Lord. He was trained in the ways of the Jedi by Dr. Gadget, but turned on his master during the 07 Fag Club Live Extravaganza. Claybon was promised that by learning the ways of the dark side of the force, he would be able to obtain better bots and actual get his shit. His master, thatonekid, and himself, are the only members to have ever got their shit. To this day, thatonekid still operates under the dark side of the force, and still receives shit. Claybon fooled the community by pretending to have changed. He was taken under the wing of TPB, but TPB hasn't been seen since. It is believed that he is with his family on some shitty island nation, but it cannot be confirmed. It is also legend that Claybon was doing thatonekid's dirty work, so the two of them could rule PSUC. The short lived resistence movement was led by SVM, but he purchased a PC and all hope in the world was lost. He bought the PC because of the settlement he got from the Bond series being cancelled gave him enough money to do so.